Game Sue

  • Sue's Witch Magic Make Over
    Sue's Witch Magic Make Over
    Bermain 659 kali

    Mix ingredients from each shelf to get a potion that helps the witch transform into Sue.

  • Bake a Cake
    Bake a Cake
    Bermain 45 kali

    Mix right ingredients together and bake a cake, then decorate it.

  • Sue Hairstyle Make Over
    Sue Hairstyle Make Over
    Bermain 180 kali

    Change Sue's hairstyle, dress her up and watch her singing at her first concert!

  • Sue Beauty Room
    Sue Beauty Room
    Bermain 132 kali

    Help Sue find missing things and choose best clothes for her.

  • Sue Fashion Designer
    Sue Fashion Designer
    Bermain 64 kali

    Feel like a real designer and choose fashion, color and pattern for Sue's clothes!

  • Sue's Dating Dress Up
    Sue's Dating Dress Up
    Bermain 49 kali

    Help Sue choose clothes for her first date.

  • Sue Clothes Maker
    Sue Clothes Maker
    Bermain 63 kali

    Connect clothes parts together as they pass the center of the conveyor.

  • Sue Hair Dresser
    Sue Hair Dresser
    Bermain 22 kali

    Cut Sue's hair, dye and model it and watch Sue's new look!

  • Sue Doll Maker
    Sue Doll Maker
    Bermain 27 kali

    Help Sue make as many dolls as possible by choosing clothes and putting the parts together.

  • Sue Tomato Factory
    Sue Tomato Factory
    Bermain 200 kali

    Make as many bottles of ketchup as possible by growing your tomatoes and filling the machine with them.

  • Sue Chocolate Candy Maker
    Sue Chocolate Candy Maker
    Bermain 16595 kali

    Use the candy machine and help Sue make as many candies as possible!

  • Sue Knitting Game
    Sue Knitting Game
    Bermain 134 kali

    Lihatlah polanya dan berusaha untuk mengulangi dengan memakai jarum rajutan anda

  • Sue Meal Baking
    Sue Meal Baking
    Bermain 54 kali

    Take white dough, roll it out, add filling, put the pasty in the oven, bake it and add to the bowl with soup.

  • Sue Delivery Meals
    Sue Delivery Meals
    Bermain 214 kali

    Complete the meals with right ingredients and earn points.

  • Sue's Theater Make Up
    Sue's Theater Make Up
    Bermain 140 kali

    Can you help Sue make up before she gets late to the cinema?

  • Sue Candy Dating
    Sue Candy Dating
    Bermain 38 kali

    Help the girls make dates with their sweethearts by collecting candies right for every girl.

  • Sue Sneaky Snack
    Sue Sneaky Snack
    Bermain 45 kali

    Help Sue steal as many snacks as possible and avoid getting caught by the teacher.

  • Sue Cheerleader
    Sue Cheerleader
    Bermain 28 kali

    The mean head cheerleader doesn't want Sue to do well. Show her up!

  • Sue Dating Machine
    Sue Dating Machine
    Bermain 23 kali

    Match as many couples as possible by building a pipeline!

  • Sue Drumming Game
    Sue Drumming Game
    Bermain 117 kali

    Watch the falling symbols, press the right keys and hear Sue singing her song!

  • Dragon Journey
    Dragon Journey
    Bermain 3 kali

    Telur-telur anda dicuri!Cepatlah kejar burung nasar dan selamatkan telur anda

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